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You can outsource the letting of your apartment easily by filling out the form on this page. We always respond within one working day. Of course you can also just call us.

During our introduction we will go through all the features of our hosting service with you. We also set up a guest profile, and put together a manual for your apartment. We would also like to receive the keys to your apartment. For the best service we need 2 sets of keys. If you don’t have an Aibnb advert yet, we can also take professional pictures of your apartment. Meetings outside of business hours are not a problem.

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Meet the hosts of Host je Huisje

Airbnb host Casper van der Heijden


Founder, planning and administration, 30 years old and has been living in Amsterdam since 2004.

“The success of Airbnb in Amsterdam and the rest of the world is a great example of the rise of the sharing economy. I find it a fantastic challenge to support this success as Airbnb host in a very personal manner, by receiving people, and showing them the real Amsterdam. Simultaneously Host je huisje allows regular Amsterdam residents to easily rent their apartment or Airbnb.”

Airbnb host Karel siemons


Founder, Airbnb host, planning and client contact, 30 years old and has been living in Amsterdam since 2005.

“We make sure everyone can let out their apartment through Airbnb. Especially when you’re on holiday or if you’re abroad for an extended period. This way you can easily and without worry earn money during your holiday! At the same time you make another person happy by providing accommodation, while otherwise the apartment would remain empty.”

Airbnb host Bart van der Velden


Airbnb host and guest contact, 30 years old and has been living in Amsterdam since 2007.

“It should be possible for everyone to let out their apartment through Airbnb, and I strive to make the hosting of guest in Amsterdam as easy as possible. It’s great to share my knowledge of Amsterdam by being an Airbnb host and in this way ensure that your guests will have a fantastic time in Amsterdam.”

Airbnb host Eline Rus


Airbnb host and cleaning, 24 years old and has been living in Amsterdam since 2010.

“I like to help our clients to have a carefree holiday where they don’t have to worry about the letting of their apartment through Airbnb. I also find it fantastic to help tourist with my knowledge of Amsterdam. The fun thing about Host je Huisje is that it provides an Airbnb hosting service for everyone. This way I get to meet new and interesting people everyday.”

Airbnb host Bob ten Have


Airbnb host and cleaner, 25 years old and has been living in Amsterdam since 2009.

“We have a small team of Airbnb hosts. This way I spend my day all through Amsterdam, and every day I get the chance to meet new tourists in Amsterdam. It’s a fantastic challenge to ensure that the regular Amsterdam person can outsource the letting out of their apartment through Airbnb without a care. This summer I’m also letting out my own apartment for 3 weeks through Host je huisje :)”